Who is Ryan Trahan?

Ryan Trahan is an American YouTuber and Entrepreneur best known for his vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle videos. He has a few viral videos, his most popular video in 2017 was, “MY FASTEST MILE TIME EVER – Schrader Mile 2017”. Most recently his surviving on $0.01 for 30 Days series has picked up a lot of views.

Surviving on $0.01 for 30 Days series

On June 1, 2022, he started a series where he would start with a penny and a backpack. He has 30 days to travel all the way to “MrBeast” in North Carolina, starting from Los Angeles, California. The journey is part of a fundraiser collaboration with Feeding America to raise money to end hunger in America, where a $1 donations would provide at least 10 meals. So far, the fundraiser has raised over 1 million dollars, which is equivalent to 10 million meals.


Throughout the series he has to come up with money making ideas as gifts are not allowed. Anything received he must pay for in the form of work or currency. This includes food, housing, and transportation. I enjoyed watching the series and was impressed by some of this money making ideas. Ryan Trahan made over $2000 in 30 days using a combination of these side hustle ideas. Here’s a list of the money making ideas Ryan Trahan came up with that required little to no capital investments.

Ryan Trahan: Selling Bottled Drinks

It’s actually pretty easy to make money selling bottled water. If you’re in a high traffic area you could move anywhere from 20-50 bottles an hour. You can usually charge between $1-$3 per bottle depending on your area.

What Do You Need To Sell Bottled Water?

  • Cooler: You’ll need a good cooler to store your cold bottles of water. People buying your product will want it ice cold so its important to have a good sized cooler.
  • Water Bottles: The type of water bottle doesn’t really matter. No-name or brand name, as long as it’s cold it will sell quickly.
  • Ice: You’ll need plenty of ice to keep your product cold. It also looks appealing to passers by to see a cooler full of ice. The cool refreshing image of all those icy water bottles sitting in your cooler will help you sell your product even faster.
  • Sign: A sign with prices is great, it’ll help advertise your product. If you have an old white T-shirt you can turn it inside out and write on it with a black sharpie, this will help advertise too.

Pro tip: Keep the receipt and return the cooler at the end of the day if you’re just giving this side hustle idea a try

Ryan Trahan: Night Entertainment

No not that kind of night entertainment. In the series Ryan Trahan would tell jokes using a sign that said “Bet you a $1, I can make you laugh”. Tipsy people make for a fun audience. Ryan told jokes but if you have a another talent such a magic trick, balloon animals, find a nice bar strip and make some extra cash

What Do You Need For Night Entertainment?

  • Container: A container to collect money
  • Sign: A sign with prices is great, it’ll help advertise your product. If you have an old white T-shirt you can turn it inside out and write on it with a black sharpie, this will help advertise too.

If night entertainment isn’t your thing you can also do these during the day time. All you need is a crowded place and a sign.

An additional idea that I’m adding here is drawing caricatures since it falls under entertainment. In the series Ryan, has a half decent talent for drawing but it was more about the entertainment. Since it wasn’t a professional piece of work his sign was “60 second caricatures by donation”. He made about $100 in under 30 minutes.

Ryan Trahan: Mow Lawns With Other People’s Equipment

Since the ideas behind these side hustle ideas are to invest little to no money. This one is a twist on traditional lawn mowing where you bring the lawn mower, weed wacker etc. Instead offer your services for a lower price and use the home owner’s tools.

If the owner doesn’t feel comfortable letting you use their tools, you could offer to pull weeds which will just require your hands.

What Do You Need To Mow Lawn?

Gloves: You’ll want to protect your hand when working in yards. You can pick up a great pair of gloves for under $20 dollars

Gas: You will potentially need gas if the owner’s have a gas mower, if the mower is electric then you’re just need an outlet and your time

Ryan Trahan: Uber Eats

There’s no money to sign up and you can earn money with your car, bike, or even a scooter in some cities! How much you make through Uber Eats may depend on how often you deliver and how many orders you choose to accept. The fare breakdown is pretty straightforward, though the amounts you can earn may vary from city to city.

What Do You Need To Start With Uber Eats?

  • Car / Bike / Scooter: You’ll need a form of transportation to pick up meals from restaurants and deliver them to customers
  • Bank Account: Connect your bank account to the app to start getting paid

Uber Eats is a simple way to get started if you have a means for transportation. There’s ways you can optimize your earnings such as only delivery during peak hours, being choosy with deliveries you accept etc.

Ryan Trahan: Wag / Dog Walking

If you love spending time outdoors with cute dogs, then yes, dog walking is a great side hustle.

What Do You Need To Walk Dogs?

  • Waste bags: The only thing you may need to invest in dog waste bags although most owners will have these.
  • Background Check / Endorsements: You’ll need your legal name, email address, and phone number. Once Wag! has received your application, you’ll also need to: pass a background check prove your knowledge of dog walking best practices and what to do in real-life pet care situations provide at least 5 endorsements from friends, family members, colleagues, and anyone else who can attest to your ability to care for pets

Wag does have a more extensive check before you can get started on their platform but rightfully so you’re dealing with pets.

Ryan Trahan: Take Survey / Participate In Focus Groups

Now before you turn your nose up, I will say doing online surveys will not make you rich but it’s a little bit of money for a little bit of work. Market research companies are always looking for opinions. . If you keep at it, you can cash out nicely.

What Do You Need To Do Surveys?

There’s no capital needed to get started all you need is an internet connection and you get started.

With little to no money or creativity you can earn extra money by trying these side hustles. If you have debt to pay off and don’t feel like you’re making any headway, you may benefit from the extra money you can make with a side hustle. You can make your own schedule earn extra income

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