Not sure where to start? It depends on where you are.


The savings you create must come from the difference between your spending and your investing. Unfortunately, frugality will only get you so far.

At some point, you may need to look at the other side of the equation and boost your income to increase your savings.


Saving for a big goal is easier said than done. This is especially true when life throws expenses your way.

But it is possible to boost your savings by making those savings a priority. Or in other words, making it a point to pay yourself first.


If you want an efficient FI strategy, you need to complement your saving efforts with investment. In other words, for every penny you save, it’s good to invest another penny so that it could eventually turn into two pennies.

Retire Early

The path to financial independence will look different for everyone. As you navigate the journey, tailor your spending patterns to strike a balance between your current needs and your future desires.

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